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23 Jul 2012

TA 101 – The Official Introduction to Transactional Analysis

Understanding You, Me and Us


27th & 28th October, 2012 – Leeds


Course leader: Helen Rowland, in conjunction with Physis training, Leeds


– Are you interested in becoming a Transactional Analysis Counsellor or Pyschotherapist?

 – Are you already a qualified counsellor and interested in developing your skills in the theory and methodology of Transactional Analysis?

 – Do you work in the caring professions, education or organisational development and want to find out more about how TA can help you in your work?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is an accessible model of the personality that allows us to develop a deep understanding of human behaviour, relationships and communication. Because TA uses simple language and models to explain complex behaviours it remains the psychological model of choice for many people who work in development, training, education and the caring professions as well as for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Who is this course for? This two-day course is the official introduction for those who wish to train as a TA Counsellor or Psychotherapist or become a Transactional Analyst specialising in Education or Organisational work. The course is accredited by the ITA and the certificate is internationally recognised as the official introduction to Transactional Analysis.  The course is useful as a stand-alone qualification for anyone who works in the caring professions, education, training, teaching, organisational development or management. For those who are simply interested in their own personal growth it is an opportunity to explore your own and others’ behaviour in the safety of a training environment.

Eventbrite - TA101 - The Official Introduction to Transactional Analysis (Leeds)

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20 Jul 2011

Characterological diagnosis: labelling or liberating?

Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists can get very squeamish about the use of diagnosis in psychotherapy. Diagnosing characterological or personality types is seen as a step too far towards the medical model: clients are pathologised in the diagnosis and subsequently treated as if they have a psychological flaw that requires ‘fixing’ or ‘curing’. We tend to believe that diagnosis treats people as if they had something wrong with them when in fact we are all just imperfect creatures doing our best given the hand we have been dealt.

I’d like to offer a different view of diagnosis: one that equally rejects the paradigm of pathology but that rehabilitates the use of diagnosis as a tool for empowerment for both therapist and client.

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14 Jun 2009

Right-brain training

If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you are looking for a new course provider for your organisation.  And if you are looking for a course provider, then it’s also likely that you have done a bit of your own research on the plethora of courses that are available.

There are many excellent course providers around, most with good credentials and plenty of experience. So you might be wondering why you would choose me to provide your staff training?

I  believe I  can offer something……well, if not unique, then at least a little bit different.

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