Counselling is an active mix of listening with curiosity and empathy, whilst asking enough questions to allow the client to really probe their inner world.

We all want enough space to talk sometimes, but equally we don’t want to feel as though we are talking into a vacuum. The good counsellor will ensure that you feel connected to and actively heard whilst giving you the space to express things that you may have not had the courage or freedom to express before.

Through the counselling process we can start to recognise and name problems, whilst unravelling some of the knots that keep the problems tight in their place.

Counselling is typically a short term endeavour – between 6 and 12 sessions – and will usually focus on a specific issue in the here-and-now.

Many people find that a short course of counselling is sufficient to help them to find new ways of dealing with old problems and bring a new outlook to familiar feelings.