Right-brain training

If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you are looking for a new course provider for your organisation.  And if you are looking for a course provider, then it’s also likely that you have done a bit of your own research on the plethora of courses that are available.

There are many excellent course providers around, most with good credentials and plenty of experience. So you might be wondering why you would choose me to provide your staff training?

I  believe I  can offer something……well, if not unique, then at least a little bit different.

Recent research in the field of neuroscience is giving us enormous amounts of information both about how we communicate and how we learn, store and use new information.

Our left-brain processes facts, detail and primarily concrete information from the world whilst our right-brain works intuitively and creatively, seeking patterns to make that information relevant to our own experience. Including, of course, our experience in the workplace. This knowledge informs both the content and process of courses I deliver.


We know that over 85% of our communication is non-verbal and that most of that 85% is happening in the right-brain. This is where we do our most important processing, and yet the right-brain isn’t easily accessed by simply delivering information.

We could, of course, simply engage the left-brain by giving you lots of information to digest. If that is what you want then you would be as well giving your staff the morning off, sign-posting them to the many well-informed websites around and testing them on what they have learnt a week later. I suspect that you already know that wouldn’t work!

My course delivery is specifically designed to work with the intuitive, big-picture approach of the right-brain. I aim to make my courses an enjoyable and engaging experience, even when the content might feel challenging or difficult.

It is essential to engage the group to find their motivation for learning. I ensure that my courses are participative, enjoyable but most of all that they are meaningful to the staff group and relevant to their work environment. I am experienced in working with group processes and can ensure that each session is a unique and individual experience, even if the course content is tightly prescribed.

The participative process starts right from the beginning. I will actively encourage you to engage with me to write a course that delivers specifically to your needs as an organisation. I will offer you a selection of course components to choose from and encourage you to meet with me to discuss the specific needs of the staff group you have in mind.

Each course comes with its own unique handbook, detailing the course content whilst allowing plenty of space for individuals to record their personal learning…

….or notes to self….
…or doodles….
…..even doodles have meaning where the right-brain is concerned…
… really.
…..doodles are good.

For further information please contact me by telephone or email. Details can be found on the contact page.

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  1. Rob van Tol

    That’s very interesting Helen. Your approach sounds like a wonderful antidote to the death-by-PowerPoint style courses that try and cram information without any opportunity to process or experience, or seek to exploit the expertise in the audience, or allow any for more visual or kinesthetic or process learning.

  2. Helen

    Thanks for your comments, Rob. I know from my own experience as a participant precisely what you mean when you refer to Death-By-PowerPoint!

    I think the evidence from the neuroscience community is becoming ever more compelling in favour of balancing ourselves back towards the relational. It excites me a great deal.

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