about therapy

We all instinctively know that having someone supportive and compassionate to talk to will help us through a crisis. This is why so many people – from all walks of life and with a whole range of different problems – use therapy as a way of resolving personal issues and finding a successful path through life.

Psychological therapies have a proven track record in helping us deal with a range of psychological issues: depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, sexual problems, relationship and attachment issues – the list is almost endless. Psychotherapy and counselling can bring us a new understanding, enabling us to move out into the world with a renewed sense of self.

Some people come to therapy not because they are in crisis, however, but simply because they want to know more about themselves. We all have an urge to understand our motivations, behaviours and repeated life patterns in order to move through life with more ease and less stress.

Finding out about ourselves in the presence of a curious and willing other can be a surprisingly enriching and enjoyable experience and many clients come to see their therapy as an enjoyable aspect of their psychological growth.