Are you looking for training in stress management, communication skills or emotional literacy?

Are you looking for something……well, if not unique, then at least a little bit different?

Maybe you are looking for a course where process is as important as content: a course informed by psychology and delivered by a psychotherapist?

Recent research in the field of neuroscience is giving us enormous amounts of information both about how we communicate and how we learn, store and use new information. Our left-brain processes facts, detail and primarily concrete information from the world whilst our right-brain works intuitively and creatively, seeking the patterns that make that information relevant to our own experience. Including, of course, our experience in the workplace. This knowledge informs both the content and process of the courses I deliver.

My course delivery is specifically designed to work with the right-brain. I aim to make my courses an enjoyable and engaging experience, even when the content is difficult or challenging.

I use my psychological skills and knowledge to engage the group to find their motivation for learning and to ensure that the content is meaningful to the staff group and absolutely relevant to their individual experiences in the workplace. My many years of experience in working with group processes allow me to ensure that each individual has a unique experience.

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